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Falling In Love With Lab Grown Diamonds

Falling In Love With Lab Grown Diamonds

Falling In Love With Lab Grown Diamonds

The Allure of Lab-Grown Diamonds
In a world focused on sustainability, lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a brilliant choice. These diamonds possess the same stunning visual properties as their mined counterparts, but they are created in controlled environments, minimizing their environmental impact. Beyond their ecological advantages, lab-grown diamonds also come without the ethical concerns associated with mined diamonds, ensuring your symbol of love is truly pure.

Lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as lab-created diamonds, cultured diamonds, or man-made diamonds, represent a revolutionary approach to mimicking the natural formation process of diamonds beneath the Earth's surface. Within the confines of a laboratory, carbon seeds are introduced to a microwave chamber, infused with carbon-containing gases. Under carefully controlled heating, the carbon separates within the gas, giving rise to minuscule carbon droplets that gently adhere to the pristine carbon seed, prompting its gradual enlargement. Following several weeks of this meticulous process, the resultant stones are meticulously cut and polished. These lab-grown diamonds are authentic gems, exhibiting optical, chemical, and physical properties that mirror those of diamonds extracted from the Earth's crust.

Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and environmentally friendly. The origins of earth-mined diamonds can often be elusive, making it challenging to trace their conflict-free status. The mining of natural diamonds involves extensive excavation, machinery with ecological implications, and the degradation of natural habitats. In contrast, the lab-grown diamond process occurs within controlled laboratory confines, sparing the environment from any detrimental impact.

Bespoke 14k Yellow Gold Lauren Ring with 1ct Emerald Cut Certified Lab Grown Diamond, VVS2, Colour F.

When it comes to diamonds, there are four defining factors that determine its quality: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. These characteristics will directly impact the lustre, sparkle and overall look of your diamond.

Cut: A diamond’s cut refers to the balance of proportion, polish and symmetry to maximise the stone’s light performance. This is arguably the most important of the four C's, as the cut has the most significant effect on the diamonds appearance and sparkle.

Colour: This refers to the natural colour or lack of colour visible within a diamond. Diamond colour is graded of from D, colourless and crisp white, to J, some colour detected by an expert gemologist.

Clarity: Clarity refers to how clear a diamond is, grading its purity according to the number of imperfections or inclusions present within the stone. 

Carat: Carat (ct.) refers to the specialised unit of measurement used to weigh a diamond and other gemstones.