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Our most commonly asked Diamond questions

Our most commonly asked Diamond questions

Our most commonly asked Diamond questions

When investing in timeless jewels, it's important that you carefully consider each element to ensure a meaningful connection. Whether it's a personal piece or to celebrate a special moment with a loved one, join us as we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our diamond jewellery.

When it comes to choosing a diamond shape or cut, what should you consider?

When it comes to diamond shapes there are absolutely no rules and it's very much a personal preference! When selecting diamonds it’s important to go for quality over scale, this is where comparing the four C's can be very helpful to make sure you get the most sparkle for your budget.

What's the verdict of lab grown diamonds compared to natural?

Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the exact same gemstone, with key differences being that one was made in laboratory conditions and the other was mined from the earth. Clients have been moving towards the lab grown diamonds in the last few years, as they value the sustainability and traceability characteristics of the lab grown diamonds. With saying that, it is completely up to personal preference and we can happily guide you through both when designing an engagement ring.

Other than diamonds, are there any popular stones used in engagement rings? 

I love to create modern heirlooms and tend to work mostly with diamonds or unique sapphires. This is because they are the hardest gemstones and most likely to survive a lifetime of love and wear.

What does the EF Studios bespoke process look like?

If you’d like to enquire about our diamond rings or a bespoke piece, please email us at 

Once you've contacted us we'll organise a time consultation via zoom. Here we'll discuss the general design of the ring, explore gemstone and diamond options as well as go through the specific details such as metal colour, setting and ring size. 

After our consultation I will send a follow up quote in a few days with a sketch of the design sketch and the finalised details.

Once approved we move to the production phase, which usually takes 6 weeks. During this phase we will stay in contact with any updates of the process. 

Then once the final piece is ready we will arrange the delivery via express, insured post.


If you’d like to learn more about EF Studios or want to enquire about a bespoke piece, please email us at