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ISSUE 02: Redefining Luxury

ISSUE 02: Redefining Luxury

ISSUE 02: Redefining Luxury


  EF Studios is a bespoke jewellery house specialising in creating modern heirlooms and celebrating the perfectly imperfect side of jewellery. Crafted by hand in Melbourne, our pieces are made of recycled materials and feature ethically grown diamonds and sustainably sourced precious gemstones. These wearable artworks are like a physical promise to a romantic partner, platonic lover, or self, to immortalise special junctures via jewels. Destined for heirloom status, experimental, eccentric and memorable, EF Studios designs are enduring odes to the people and moments that define our lives.

  Founder Emily Fanner left her career in critical care nursing in 2018 to pursue an ecommerce business, before searching for something that truly buoyed her soul and creativity. Jewellery presented itself serendipitously in Barcelona on a summer sojourn, where Emily unearthed something that she could make with her own two hands. With the help of a local expert, Emily learned the lost artform of wax casting and forged a highly-intimate connection with the final pieces she made abroad.


  Explore the future of luxury with EF Studios Lab Diamonds Collection, where responsible elegance meets timeless design. Our exquisite range of contemporary fine jewellery showcases individually handcrafted pieces with ethically grown diamonds and sustainably sourced gemstones, destined to become cherished heirlooms. Our creations redefine luxury, effortlessly marrying modern aesthetics with ethical craftsmanship. Each piece at EF Studios narrates a distinctive tale of style, sustainability, and grace. By opting for lab-grown diamonds, our clients not only adorn themselves with breathtaking gems but also play a vital role in fostering a cleaner, more sustainable planet.