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What Are Lab Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural mined diamond.
Lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as lab-created diamonds, cultured diamonds, represent a revolutionary approach to mimicking the natural formation process of diamonds beneath the Earth's surface. Lab diamonds are grown in controlled laboratory conditions that mimic the extreme pressure and high temperatures found in the earth’s crust. The raw stones are meticulously cut and polished to reveal stunning diamonds as we recognise them. 
Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and environmentally friendly. The origins of earth-mined diamonds can often be elusive, making it challenging to trace their conflict-free status. The mining of natural diamonds involves extensive excavation, machinery with ecological implications, and the degradation of natural habitats. In contrast, the lab-grown diamond process occurs within controlled laboratory confines, sparing the environment from any detrimental impact.