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Laura approached me for a special ring as a gift to herself, and she loved it so much she wrote an article about it in Harper's Bazaar!

Laura’s brief was for a ring that was modern and unique, bespoke and distinctly hers—feminine yet powerful.

When it came to selecting a gemstone, I knew the perfect choice. Since sapphires are her birthstone, it was fitting to choose a beautiful and truly unique Australian sapphire, hand fossicked in rural Victoria.

We chose two Australian sapphires for her ring. The centrepiece is a pear-cut Australian sapphire, set in an elevated bezel setting designed to sit slightly off-centre along an organically handcrafted curvy band. The band also features another deep blue Australian sapphire, elegantly flush set along the ripples of the organically textured metal.

This ring encapsulates Laura’s vision of modernity and uniqueness while celebrating her birthstone in a truly personal and powerful way. It’s a testament to the beauty of bespoke jewellery and the allure of Australian sapphires.


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