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rosie's bespoke ring

With Rosie's birthday approaching, her best friends wanted to gift her something truly special. They asked me to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that would be distinctly hers.

The brief was for a simple yet modern band featuring three gemstones: an Australian sapphire to honour her roots, an emerald as her favourite gemstone, and a beautiful diamond to celebrate her 30th birthday.

I began by carving the ring band from wax, taking care to melt the surface to create an organic texture. Once the wax model was perfected, it was cast into solid gold. The casting process retained the organic texture, giving the band a unique and modern look. After casting, the ring was meticulously polished in the studio to achieve a brilliant shine.

The final step was setting the gemstones. The Australian sapphire, emerald, and diamond were arranged in a tapered micro pavé setting, ensuring each stone was securely placed while enhancing the overall design. The combination of these three gemstones, each with its significance, created a ring that was not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful.

The result was a stunning, bespoke piece that perfectly matched Rosie's style and celebrated her milestone birthday in a truly memorable way.



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